Thursday, May 19, 2016

#becomingMolly - Part 2 - Abroad in 1919

I'm a dorky history lover. Yes, I love poring over old books trying to find out the details of past events. Working at the museum has given me a great opportunity to spend ample time researching d hone in on the information that I need to know to do my job correctly.

While I'm having to do a lot of past study in the over all international arena in the years leading up to 1919, I'm camping especially on WWI and Russian history.

Imagine the vast about of local, national and world knowledge you have about the life and the time that we currently live in. Not everyone knows everything, but they do tend to know what's important or significant to them. That's essentially what I'm trying to carefully duplicate for Molly in 1919.

Of course, it's a careful balance between knowing enough and not knowing too much. What I mean by that is, I have to be able to understand and explain the "Great War" so that my visitors can understand where I'm coming from. At the same time, I can't know too much, Molly wasn't a military specialist. She was a young woman living her life in a post-WWI society. What she knew wouldn't have been to the same level that a historian looking back over the years would be able to know.

For me it's about condensing, summarizing, understanding some basic overviews based on the popular beliefs at the time then consolidating that information into small nuggets which my visitors will be able to get a big picture from, and at the same time won't spoil the effect of her just being a normal person.

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