Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Girl Behind the Blog: Right Now I'm....

Here I am, on WEEK TWO of April vacation. Yes, I did get two solid, blessed weeks of time off. Can we talk about how amazing that idea is. Of course, it's going by so much faster than I want it to, but I'll relish it while I can get it! 

Seeing... Sunshine coming in the window.
Hearing...  Silverware clinking in the dishwasher. 
Smelling... Breakfast and coffee. Tasting...  Cinnamon Raisin Bread. But more on that in another blog post. 
Needing... To get all the wedding pictures from last weekend exported and uploaded to galleries.
Wanting... Lightroom's speed to be just a little quicker.
Regretting... Not much at the moment. 
Feeling... Ready to take on the world.
Anticipating... Another photo session this week! 
Dreaming... Of beautiful lighting and walls that aren't painted pale yellow.
Reading... A Higher Call, Pilgrims Progress and my character notes. 
Trying... To get everything on my to-do list before I head back to work.   
Questioning... How many cups of coffee is considered too many.
Loving... That no one is here to judge the number of cups that I've settled on. 
Googling... Essential oil anti-itch spray. Black fly season is upon us.  
Choosing... Life's full of too many choices at the moment.
Working... On finally getting hundreds of pictures from three different photo sessions uploaded to online galleries, so that my computer won't be entirely overloaded as I start downloading images from the wedding last weekend. 
Sewing... Nothing. It's awful
Texting... One of my BFFs about a photo secession we're planning.
Considering...  Posing options, always looking for new things to try. 
Suffering... Seasonal allergies. Love the trees, hate the pollen.  
Checking... My list of shots against the images I'm exporting. 
Organizing...  Wedding pictures into folders as soon as they're exported as .jpg files. 
Practicing... Using my new camera.
Praying... For wisdom and guidance through the next few weeks. Lots of things going on and new adventures to have. 

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