Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy April Vacation - Part 1

April vacation is finally here and let me tell you, I'm so ready for it. It's good been so good to have a little down time, alright maybe not exactly down time, but time where I can putter at getting things done that I need/want to do.

Right at the top of my to-do list was spending some quality time out in my garden. I love working in the garden, it's relaxing, peaceful and there's nothing like getting dirt under your finger nails. With the recent addition of a hoop-house to our farming endeavors and some surprising warm weather for the time of year, we've been able to get some plants started a lot earlier than we would have been able to in pervious years. 

Aside from the general planting in the hoop-house, there's also the small matter of getting the regular garden cleaned and ready for planting. This year, rather than starting off with the endless battle against crab grass, I've decided to let the chickens to do the work for me. They enjoy the grass and bugs, and I don't have to pull the weeds. I've opted not to post pictures of our already weed infested garden until the birds are a little farther along in their cleaning.

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