Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Vacation - Part 2 - Big Brother and Editing

{Disclaimer: His pose, not mine.} 
I like to consider myself to be a fairly decent sister. Generally speaking, I follow the rules DON'T be too annoying and DON'T be too embarrassing. Sometimes I have to buck those rules.

This past weekend I had the privilege to shoot a wedding for an old friend of my brother. It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with this couple. They were so laid back and excited that it really made my work as a photographer extremely easy. But that wasn't the point that I was starting out to make with this post.

One of the fun perks of getting to shoot this wedding was that my elusive, "Don't-you-dare-take-my-picture" brother was in the wedding party.  Being the wedding photographer was I going to pass up the opportunity to snag some shots of that said brother. Are you crazy? Of course not!

Normally when I actually see my older brother he's on duty for his police job which means that I don't usually have a chance to see his lighter side these days. 

It was amazingly fun to get to see him in a relaxed happy environment, oh and to get those candid snaps while I was at it. 

Below is the preview slideshow with some of the other wedding images.


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