Sunday, March 27, 2016

Finding My Rhythm

Happy Easter! 

Back in December, after months of faithfully, or not, updating my blog I suddenly vanished from the blogging scene. Things were crazy during the holiday season, which threw me off my pace. Christmas and New Years being over and done, things normally would settled down, but I came straight off the holidays into a whirlwind of resumes, job interviews and follow-ups.

After weeks of craziness, I suddenly found myself starting a full-time job in a private school. Gone are the days of hoodies-and-jeans nanny days, I'm now a full-fledged young profession complete with high-heels. (Okay, maybe I don't actually wear the high-heels everyday, but when you're the same hight as your average fifth and sixth graders you have to do something to seem imposing. Just sayin')