Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Girl Behind the Blog

Howdy everyone, it's me the blog author. Yeah, I've been missing for a while so I'm going to attempt at playing catch up. It's been a crazy few weeks between work, summer activities and an unexpected bout of being pretty sick. 

So here's what's going on right here and right now. 
Seeing... I'm watching the 1940's version of And Then There Were None. I read the book, and it gave me nightmares, but it's not looking like the movie is going to be so very frightening... It's almost comedic if that's possible. 
Hearing...   The cicadas outside. 
Smelling... Freshly cut grass.
Tasting...  Coffee. It's never a bad time of day for a good cup, is it?
Needing... Nothing at the moment. 
Wanting... To get all my social media updated for my business. 
Regretting... That I've fallen so far behind in the 365 Challenge. Whoops. 

Feeling... A little better, it's been a rough week of being sick, but things are mostly looking up at this point. 
Anticipating... Another thunder storm. It's been two days of off-and-on storms. 
Dreaming... Of a camera with efficient noise reduction.  *Sigh*
Reading... Think by John Piper.

Remembering... That I still haven't found that silly SD card that I misplaced MONTHS ago. 
Trying... To stay focused on the keeping the pictures I need to upload to my website running so that I don't get behind. 

Questioning... Why uploading 200+ images takes so long to do. 
Loving... The warm, the sun and
Googling...  How long cupcakes will keep in the freezer. 
Choosing... Which pictures to use in my upcoming Facebook and Blog posts.
Working... On putting together an order for my print lab. 

Sewing... Yet another quilt. Details and pictures to follow soon. 
Texting... My practically cousins who I haven't seen in far, far too long. 
Considering... Whether or not Lightroom Presets are a worth while investment... I think not at this point. 
Suffering... From a nasty sunburn on my nose. 
Checking... My Fitbit tracker. 
Organizing... My studio, it's long over due. 
Practicing... Techniques of web based marketing. Whoop, whoop. It's every bit as thrilling as it sounds. 

Praying... For peace in this crazy, out of control world that we live in and remembering that NOTHING is outside of His control. 

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