Monday, April 13, 2015

Capture the Moment

As I look back over the past few months I realize just how much I've changed since the beginning of 2015. The first two weeks of the year were just an absolute whirlwind of emotion, memories and heartache. Just four days into the new year, I lost my grandmother. It wasn't sudden, but it left me reeling emotionally. I'd never lost anyone that I was that close to before and it gave me a whole new perspective on life.

One thing I really regret is the lack of pictures that I have virtually no of my grandmother with my brothers and I. Over the years we did so much together, but looking through our photo albums and digital library, I'm amazed by how few pictures we actually had with her.

As much as I'll always cherish those times and experience that we had, I wish that I had the tangible memories that a picture offers.

In a lot of ways, this really changed my perspective of photography.

For me, photography is not about distorting life to be something that it isn't. It's not about making people look like super models.

Photography is about capturing the person and the story as they really are.

It's about learning to see beauty in the little things and looking at what's around you instead of being focused else where.

And the realization it's the candid moments that show us a person character and give us a taste of the joy of life.

For me, photography isn't about waiting until the setting is perfect to get that image, it's about capturing the moment as it is and the memories that it holds. 

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  1. Lovely, lovely post! Love you, Holly! (posting from Mom's account) -Maddie