Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Projects: Update Part 2 + 365 Challenge: Day 60

Ah, time for another quick update on my winter projects. After two very long weeks of being sick, I'm finding that I'm getting a lot more accomplished than I'd originally expected I would. Granted, most of the remaining items on my winter bucket list haven't really been possible because of being sick non-stop, first with a cold and then with the flu. Thank goodness for essential oils and cough drops.

But I have enjoyed just puttering away at little things. I'm finally getting around to finishing that star quilt that's been in the works for the past seven months, though technically it's been closer to a year if you want to count the time it sat around before I even got it cut out.

I'm still a ways from getting it finished. Right now I'm working on hand quilting it, which it great because it doesn't require a lot of energy, which I don't have much of, and I can work on it while I watch a movie.
I'm also continuing to get my craft fair stash worked on. This feels like a huge accomplishment. It's kinda silly, but every year I say that I'm going to have more done early in the year so that I don't have a hectic couple of months leading up to a craft fair. Several years I hadn't managed to get it done, but THIS YEAR, I'm starting to get quite the little collection stashed away for the fall.

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