Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oh Hey: Life the Past week + 365 Challenge Catch Up

Wow, I have NO idea where the time went this week. Actually, I do, and it's all a little crazy. Between work, business, company and just the general craziness that comes with life on a weekly basis, I'm way behind. You can take comfort in the fact that while I wasn't blogging I was busy writing client release forms, learning Lightroom and trying very hard not to get stuck in the crazy amounts of mud we have outside.

Speaking of mud, it's officially mud season here in the Northeast. Whoop, whoop. I don't like mud, but hey, being vertically challenged isn't as big a deal when you're trying not to get stuck in mud as it is when you're trying to see over and around snow banks. Going to work is so much more relaxing when you aren't playing something akin to Russian roulette every time you have to pull of a side road, but can't be totally sure that you can see beyond that eight foot hight mountain of snow.

Tomorrow is the first day of April! How exciting is that! I'm dreaming of warm, wishing for warm.... Hoping for warm! 

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