Tuesday, March 17, 2015

365 Challenge: Day 75 + Winter Project Update

I've been waiting all winter to get a picture of a sunset. I don't mean just any sunset. I mean one of those stunning, brightly colored ones that we get so often in this neck of the woods.  However, it seems like I've been waiting fruitlessly. Ever night we have minimally colorful sunsets. Well, I finally got one night with just a little bit of color.
Which means I finished my winter bucket list!
  • Finish the Star Quilt I've been putting off for forever
  • Go snowshoeing 
  • Take pictures of a winter sunset
  • Have a massive snowball fight
  • Get my room repainted
  • Work on craft fair projects (start early for next winter) 
  • Update blog look   
{Edit: For some strange reason, uploading this picture to Blogger has caused a strange color bleeding effect which essentially wrecks the picture....}

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