Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Surviving the Winter Blahs

It's almost mid February now, and I'm starting to get that sense of extreme blahs/cabin fever/stir craziness in full force. Apart from the things that need to get done around the house and work there really isn't much to do when it's been bitterly cold and snowy for weeks on end. The snow and the cold don't usually bother me too much, but I now have the distinct problem that the snow piles all around our yard are well over a foot and a half taller than I am, so the only way to see anything is if you look up a crane your neck. Added to the other maladies, mentioned above, you might also throw in claustrophobia and a stiff neck.

The long and the short of it is that I'm started to get really tired of winter.

Unfortunately for me, here in New England we can expect another two full years months of it.

So I'm compiling a short list of things that I want to do to help make winter more bearable.

  • Finish the Star Quilt I've been putting off for forever
  • Go snowshoeing 
  • Take pictures of a winter sunset
  • Have a massive snowball fight
  • Get my room repainted
  • Work on craft fair projects (start early for next winter)
  • Update blog look
The good news is, being stuck inside maybe I'll actually get some of these things done!

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