Friday, February 27, 2015

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

Breaking up is hard to do, but I feel that it's necessary and in this case, you had to have seen it coming.

Ah, Facebook. You're a great communication tool and way to keep in touch with people, but......

When we first were introduced, you were a great way to keep in touch with some of my closest family and best friends. You helped me to find a dear friend who I hadn't seen in years, and allowed me to keep contact with close friends who moved away. It was great, but then it happened.

One day, I realized the relationships I had with people in your site weren't real. My "Friends" weren't my real friends. The friendships I had with my real friends weren't helped or improved by their having a virtual title declaring them as such.

I realized that you gave others the impression that they knew me far better than the really did. I also realized that, even when I did my best to keep my personal life private and away from others, that you gave people the feeling that they had access and a right to know all about me. At the same time, I began to wonder if you were allowing me to take others for granted in the same way.

Facebook, you allowed me to have a look at others, in a way that I didn't want to. Had I known that you were going open me up to become the confidant of everyone and yet be completely alone in a room full of virtual people, I probably would never have opened Pandora's Box.

As much as I still enjoy the keeping in touch with those friends and loved ones, it's time to break away from the pettiness of "liking" and "friending."

But in the mean time, thank you for teaching me that friends are the people who stand beside you in the worst moments, sit beside you when you cry ugly tears of brokeness and laugh over the amazing experiences of happiness and joy. That true friends, know when to speak words of encouragement and reproof, and don't just comment on what ever comes to mind. That friends aren't always the first ones to say things, but are sometimes the ones who know when silence and prayers are what is needed most.

I don't need you to stay connected to the friends I have in my life. The people in my life who matter the most, are the people who are worth the effort of keeping in touch with through other ways.

So Facebook, this is good bye, for now, unless and until the day when I can learn to be your master and not your slave.


  1. Well said. This is why I work really hard to keep my friend list under 40. Even then I sometimes go through my list and remove one or two "friends". I really only want to use facebook for keeping in touch with my family and a few select friends.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I think that that is the best way to use Facebook. Like anything else, I think it's important to a have standard and stick with it.

  2. Well said. I have had true friends online, but one has to be intentional about building those relationships. Facebook does make it easy to spend much effort on acquaintances and less on friends.I think that's why, even though I like the give and take of Twitter, I've resisted setting up a blog Facebook page, let alone a personal one.

    1. Thank you for your note! It's encouraging to hear back from my readers. Facebook is like so many of the social networks, (most of which I avoid). They definitely have their time and place, but if not handled correctly can be a huge drain on time and emotion and not something that should be plunged into without a lot of thought before hand.