Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Girl Behind the Blog: Right Now I'm... + 365 Challenge - Day 24

Oh, it's that time again. I'm not really sure what to write, but I feel like I ought to put another post on my blog. 

Seeing...   Big fluffy snowflakes falling. It's winter I'm finally okay with the idea of snow. 
Hearing... The snow plow going down the road.
Smelling... Wet dog, oh it's a lovely odor.  

Tasting... Scrambled eggs and coffee. It's breakfast time.
Wanting... To get my room repainted. I love orange, but it's time for a new color. 
Regretting... Nothing. Okay maybe one or two things, but that felt like the easiest answer.
Feeling... Like things are getting back to normal. 
Wishing... I had Mary Poppins' style room cleaning abilities. I feel a little jipped that isn't something that automatically comes with being a nanny. 
Thinking... The falling snow is perfect for taking pictures in. 
Laughing... Over my cats fighting each other.... Through the cat door..... Why? I have no idea.
Recovering... Ice under a very light powdery snow and trying to make it to the barn just don't really mix. OUCH. 
Anticipating... Snowshoeing. We haven't had enough snow to go yet, but it's looking like we're finally going to. 
Dreaming... Of spring. End of story. 
Reading... Operation Mincemeat. Very interesting. 

Singing...  Show tunes, just because I can. 
Preparing... For our 2015 gardens! So many ideas and plans in the works. 
Remembering... So many things. This has been a season of a lot memories. It's good and hard all at the same time. 
Praying... About what the next year is going to hold.

Questioning... The necessity of getting up out of my comfy spot to get things done. 
Trying... To learn about Photography and Flower Arranging. 
Loving... My remote shutter release. It's amazing and I'm just having waaaaay too much fun with it. 
Googling... The NOAA website to check the weather for the next few days. 
Choosing... To not make cookies or to not make cookies... That is the question. 
Working... On my blog, silly question. 
Emailing... Nobody these days.... It's strange, but in an "I'm-really-okay-with-this-arrangement" sort of way.
Sewing... I have a long list of UFOs that I'm working on. It's great. 
Texting... My grandmother, is your grandmother that cool???
Reducing... Junk emails. I have about 700 sitting in my never-ever-used Gmail account. 
Checking... To see if my outdoor clothes are dry yet. 
Organizing... My bookcase.  
Reckoning...  I should get a move on if I want to get anything on my to-do list done. 
Smiling... Because life is crazy, sometimes it hurts, but it's beautiful. 

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