Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cure for the Blahs + 365 Challenge - Day 17

The past two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, which has left me feeling mostly, if not completely drained. I'm not someone who externalizes my grief much, I tend to be pretty stoic about my emotions, generally speaking. With everything that's been going on I just haven't felt like doing anything, but stay home.

I had some plans in the morning, but they got cancelled. Things with the dog were still a little on the outs, so it was better to stay close where she could be have an eye kept on her. The long and short of it was that it ended up being a "blah" sort of day.

Right around lunch time, my little buddy and former charge came over for a visit. "G-Man" was my full-time job for three years. It's been a while since I'd seen him, so it was a special treat to have him over for short visit. Of course, one treat deserved another, so we decided to whip up a batch of cookies. G-Man is quite the little ham, so baking served as the perfect opportunity to experiment with my new remote shutter release. 

G-Man keep me happily occupied for the better part of a hour and a half. It didn't get completely get rid of the emotional daze, but the distraction was more then welcome. 

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