Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hope on Four Legs + 365 Challenge - Day 13

This picture was more or less an accident. I was working on trying to get a picture of the plant in front of Lily when she came strolling into the frame. It's certainly not the greatest picture, and by far not the nicest picture of her, but it's special. You see, over the weekend, they day after my grandmother's funeral, we thought we were going to lose her. The vet all but told us that because of a very serious and inexplicable health crisis, she would likely not make it through the next day. I think this is probably the most prayed for pooch in the area. She pulled through. She's thin, tired and still got a long recovery ahead of her, but she's getting stronger. She's anxious to be part of what's going on around here and ready to get back to official job as photographers assistant and chief photo-bomber.

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