Monday, December 22, 2014

Life These Days

I finally feel like things are starting to settle down after months of craziness. Which is really, really nice.  I've been able to get projects started and finished. That last part is amazing in and of itself. I get a lot of projects started, but finished is something totally different. 

After months of hard work we finally laid The Hound of the Baskervilles to rest. It's over... The cast party brought a finality to it that you don't get on closing night.

After months of hard work and stress it was so much fun to finally just be able to break loose and enjoy having some unstructured fun.

I'm finding more and more that I really miss these kids a lot and I'm looking forward to hopefully working with them again in the future. 

I managed to get one more, non-snowshoeing hike in before the cold really set in. It was beautiful and a total blast to catch up with some friends who I'd been repeatedly telling, "that would be great, but it'll have to wait until after the play."

 It was great until we got to the top, then all of the winter clothes came out of our backpacks. It had been years, since I had hiked that mountain and the view was totally worth the hike up and cold at the top just to see it.

Tas' the day before Thanksgiving and all through New England.... There was a foot of heavy snow and no power. A foot of snow is NOT a big deal, we get that all the time in the winter. The problem was that it was heavy, wet snow with high winds in a very short amount of time. 

It was pretty, but needless to say it changed our Thanksgiving plans a little bit. We had dutch oven Thanksgiving with one of our neighbors on Thursday. Which was oodles of fun, with lots of rounds of Bananagrams played. 

Friday, we had our power back, but we traveled a couple of hours to have Thanksgiving with the rest of the family.

The snow was beautiful the entire ride over. 

The first weekend in December, Matthew and I went to do some Christmas shopping and did something we never do. We became impulse shoppers and stopped to get a Christmas tree at the Christmas tree farm up the road from us. Not that I don't trust his ability to fasten the tree to the roof rack or anything, but I did drive 15 MPH the entire way home. It didn't fall off, and we got the tree cut to the right height, into the house and strung with lights entirely without incident. Needless to say my parents, who were also Christmas shopping at the time were a little surprised when they came home and found it in the living room.

What's Christmas time without popcorn?? 

Ah, yes, and then there was our attempt at a Sibling Photoshoot. Which in spite of all of our corniness we did manage to get a few really nice pictures, which made my mom very happy. (The picture above was NOT considered a nice picture.... But we sure did have a lot of fun with this one.)

A good friend of mine hosted a Christmas Caroling and Gingerbread party  which was a lot of fun. I think everyone had a blast caroling, even with the cold and our gingerbread houses didn't come out too bad either! It was a great time of hanging out with old friends and making some new ones. 

My old charge came by to celebrate Christmas with us. It's been a while since I've seen him and I he's getting so big. Of course, he seems really big considering I spend my days taking care of babies now. We were all happy to see him again. Especially his buddy Tabby who misses him quite a bit. 

{Insert big weepy nanny sniff} It seems like just yesterday that he was the baby that I was nannying for, now he's all grown up.

Well there you have it... The last two months in a nutshell.

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