Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Girl Behind the Blog - Right Now I am ....

I'm taking strides to get back into the swing of blogging immediately, now that the play is finished.  Since my brain appears to be occupied else where for the moment, I'm going to take the easy way out and do another one of these. I'm noticing two repeat trends... All the pictures of me seem to be with my dog, Lily and she always looks so innocent when in reality she was being a little monster.

Right now I am....
Seeing...  SNOW. It's snowing. I'm trying to be okay with that.... and failing miserably. 
Hearing...  The clock ticking.
Smelling... The wood stove and the very faint far of smell of fall smoke from the chimney. 

Tasting... COFFEE. 
Needing... To get a move on because there are things to do that I don't especially feel like doing.  
Wanting... To stay inside warm and snug by the fire.... but,
Regretting... That I have to go out and brave the cold.
Feeling... Happy, because it's a day off and I can putter away on a few projects. 
Wishing... We could skip from January to May... Winter and mud season aren't my favorites.
Thinking... It's time to start Christmas shopping. I hate having to 
Laughing... Over corgi pictures a friend sent me. I have a slight, corgi obsession and she's only just found out about it. 
Recovering... from all things play related. 
Anticipating... Thanksgiving. Let the baking begin! 
Dreaming... "Of a white Christmas"... Not really, but it was the first thing that came to mind. 
Reading... The books at the top of my reading list!! And it's wonderful. 

Singing... The Beatles.... Only in my head though, and only because the one year old I nanny for happens to be a fan, so that's what I listen to at work. 
Preparing... For the vet to come.  Farm call day. 
Remembering... Whoops, I forgot to eat breakfast.... 
Praying... That adjusting back to "normal" life after all the craziness will be easy and that God will use the need to be busy for things that will make a difference. 

Questioning...  How to use a new design software. Just when I thought I was a little computer savvy something happens to completely obliterate that glimmer of hope. 
Trying... To get used to wearing glasses, as someone who's NEVER worn them it's going to take a lot of getting used to. BUT,
Loving... how well I can see with them. 
Googling... An obscure little town that I'd never heard of.
Choosing... Man up, and go get my chores done. 
Working... On some quilt designs that have been on the back burner for MONTHS. 
Emailing... Nobody. After months and months of having to email people, I have no one that I have to email. 
Sewing... Quilts!! 
Texting... My two best friends. 
Reducing... CLUTTER! It's amazing how fast clutter piles up!
Checking... My schedule for work.
Organizing... My sewing studio, it became the official headquarters of the Hound of the Baskervilles and now it's being reclaimed for sewing purposes. 
Reckoning...  It's only as cold as you think it is.... But I'm guessing that mentality isn't going to get me very far :P
Smiling... Because today is a new day, with no mistakes in it yet. 

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