Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Color

I'm trying very hard not to let a week go by without posting, because I know very well, if I get out of the habit I'll start having months between posts again. With all of the craziness of the past week I'm finding that blogging is not what's demanding the most of my time, surprise, surprise. So probably over the next couple of months blog posts will be slowing down significantly, but hopefully not coming to a complete stand still. 

This morning I was able to go out and spend some time enjoying the flowers that are still in their peak season. With our bees this year, we tried to get a wide variety flowers that we knew the bees would be attracted to.  Needless to say they are gorgeous right now and it was extremely enjoyable to get to spend some time out enjoying them with my camera. Sadly my pictures don't begin to do them justice.

Lily couldn't understand why flowers were more interesting than playing frisbee, so she sat and waited until we could do something along her idea of "fun."


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