Monday, September 1, 2014

Production Journal: Week 3 - The Things You'll Never Get to See, Hopefully

I love being able to work with my theater group. It's such an amazing opportunity to work with these kids and get to be able to put together this production. Believe it or not, the production doesn't start off being a seamless show in which everyone knows their lines, their blocking and does it effortlessly with the perfect emotion and expression. That's absolutely shocking, isn't it?!?!

Like anything else in the world, we start very rough very choppy and we practice. We practice until things look good and then we practice some more. That's what rehearsals are for, to work out the glitches and get the show smoothed out.

Along the way we learn, we grow. We make mistakes, we fix mistakes and make new mistakes.

We laugh, we cry and sometimes we do both at the same time.

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