Friday, July 18, 2014

Taking Time to Stop and Smell the Ponies

The picture a little blurry because it was starting to get dark
 Ah... Summer.... The time of year when our garden is starting to take off and the weather isn't too terrible to spend time outside. It's a good time of the year, though I can't say I'm a big fan of the hot temps we've been having over the past few days. This summer I've been enjoying hanging out with my "pony" (technically he's a very small horse, since he doesn't quiet fall under the designated pony height.)

Skooker is a good old boy. Being mostly retired, he enjoys a spending his days leisurely hanging out nibbling on the grass. Over the past couple of year, what with work and school, this poor guy hasn't gotten any where nearly as much attention as he deserved. Since this summer has been quieter, I've been enjoying taking the time to stop and enjoy him.

He and I go way back. I was one of those horse-crazy kids. Starting from the time I was about six, I just couldn't get enough of them. Like everyone horse-obsessed girl, I begged and pleaded for a horse to no avail. My parents were adamant that horses were an enormous responsibility and expense and if I ever wanted to get one I would have to prove that I was going to have to prove that I was willing to take it on. Probably the wisest thing my parents ever said to me was that if I wanted to have my own horse one day, I was going to have to start saving towards one.

Being a motivated girl, I started saving. Every bit of allowance, birthday money and earnings from what ever odd jobs a ten year-old could manage to land. Then I started pet sitting, it wasn't long before I was bringing in what any little girl would consider a small fortune from cleaning the stalls for neighbors and walking dogs.

Then it happened. Two weeks after my thirteenth birthday, a new horse arrived at the stables I took lessons at. This dreamy little Arab/Quarter Horse mix with the cutest face and lovable Eeyore personality. Rafters Jay. It was love at first sight, for me at any rate.

Several days of begging later, my parents started helping me find out more information on him. His owners wanted to find a new home for him because he didn't get along well with their prize donkey. They wanted him to go to a good home, but realized he was out of shape and needing some TLC, okay a lot of TLC. In my eyes, he was a dream horse. My dream horse. And in the price range of what I'd been saving for.

It was meant to be. *SIGH* Rafters Jay became mine and affectionately got dubbed Skooter, for his crazy, fast trot.

Skooter really is the most melancholy, anti-social, but amazingly affectionate and gentle horse I've ever met. He has a strong dislike for other horses, but adores chickens, dogs and cats.

We've got a lot of years of crazy stories and memories stored up. Like the time we had no trailer to bring him home and he had to be lead three mile from the stable to our house. Or time that he refused to eat his hay and then broke down the fence to go eat it out of the compost pile when I threw it out.  Yes, or even the time that he decided was going to climb under the fence (Yes, climb under. Amazing, but true) and went to visit the neighbors garden. In case you haven't gotten the idea, Skooter might look innocent but he's really pretty much a stinker.

There are a lot of ways getting a first horse could go wrong, but Skooter's really been a great first horse and I haven't had any serious problems with him in the nine years he's been home. It's nice to take the time to think about all these great memories and enjoy thinking about all the things we'll be able to do. There's always time to stop and smell the ponies.

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