Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Because Every Garden Needs a Bunny to Visit

This week has been just a little on the crazy side, with garden planting basement cleaning and teaching classes. This is just mostly a quick post to let the world know that I haven't forgotten my blog... again. And I'll be back to some more regular posts later this week. In the mean time, who doesn't love cute rabbit pictures?

Quincy is always a happy fellow and every bit a fluffy and fuzzy as he looks. When the snow finally melts and he gets to venture out into the warm dirt and dig to his little hearts content. I know that the stories go that rabbits are garden pests, but not all of them. This little guy is happy to get out and stretch his legs zipping around the garden.

Granted he is a digger and when he gets started on a hole it's usually with reckless abandon and nothing is safe. However a vigilant eye usually prevents him form doing any damage. This year as we're getting our garden (They'll be an post on that later.) Quincy was feeling just a little lonely with everyone preoccupied. So in the true spirit of a rabbit with a Type A personality. He went to go find a friend in an unlikely source. Suddenly both the dog and the rabbit had a new BFF. Granted Quincy and Lily were always on their own respective side of the fence, but what's a fence between a couple of friends. 

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  1. Just like in Peter Rabbit, only no Mr. MacGregor!