Monday, June 23, 2014

A Summer of Sewing Projects: Update 1

Summer is finally, official here! Things have been a little crazy with everything that's going on. Between a whole slew of birthdays, activities and projects that just need to get done, I've been going a little bit slower on my sewing projects than I had originally planned. Not to mention the fact that the weather has just been too nice to stay inside.

That being said, I've slowly on one of my quilting projects. The first project that I wanted to work on was the Farmer's Wife quilt. There is a really great book that you can use to get the patterns for each block, but since I don't own it, I'm slowly sketching out each of the blocks to fit the size that I need.  After doing some Pinterest research, I've been working on figuring out the cutting specification for each block.

It's a fun project, great for the evenings after a busy day. I'm hoping to have it all drawn up soon that way I can begin sewing.

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