Monday, June 23, 2014

A Sewing Studio in the Making: A Work in Progress!

This isn't my Sewing Studio, but I wish it was
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Ever since I became a serious seamstress and quilter, I've dreamed about having a sewing studio space where I could lay out my work and have my equipment set up all the time. Since, for some unexplainable reason, my family wasn't willing to part with the dining room table, I settled for setting up and taking down my equipment after each project or used a small folding table in my room. Which  can be a huge headache when you're working on a huge quilt project or trying to costume an entire theater group. But now, we've come up with a great idea which will finally give my mom and me our own sewing studio!
{Warning there are no pretty pictures beyond this point!}

For the longest time we've only used half of our basement as storage. When my brothers and I were much younger it was a "play room", but has since become our catch-all space for a lot of stuff that we just didn't have any other home for. A second freezer, our green house, miscellaneous furniture, odds-and-ends and unused/out grown books and games.  Needless to say, it was really messy, musty and generally speaking unpleasant to be in. So with no convincing needed on my part, my parents willingly agreed to let me turn the basement into a sewing room if I got it cleaned up.

BEFORE! This is probably the most embarrassing picture that we have! Things had been stacked a little bit more neatly, but this was in the middle of going through and purging boxes and lugging stuff off to the dump. 
Also needless, to say, this job would have been pretty much awful, if it hadn't been for the knowledge that eventually it would be a nice workspace. To begin with it was mostly a matter of purging. Getting rid of stuff that we never used and organizing the things that we were going to keep or sell in yard/ used book sales. 

Then it moved on to scrubbing and scrubbing and mopping and more scrubbing. Who knew that a basement could get so dirty?!

I wish that I could say that it was finished. But it's not! In fact, it's still a far cry from being complete. However, I'm making progress. Steady progress at that. 

The space is empty, with the exception of things that can't be moved and a few things that are waiting to be painted. The walls and floor have their first and second coats of new pain and are needing the existing trim painted along new trim added along the floor. New ceiling tiles need to be put up and a partition wall is going to be installed to divide the space from the area that will continue to be used as storage. 

Hopefully if all goes as planned the room will be finished by next weekend and then I can start moving our sewing stuff in and doing a little bit of decorating. Then I'll have some pictures that are a little less depressing. :)

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