Friday, May 30, 2014

The Girl Behind the Blog: Right Now I'm...

When I read blogs I always appreciate getting to know a little big about the author; Who they are and what shapes the way that they think. After seeing bloggers post things like this before I've decided to do one of my own. Here goes nothing! 

Right now I am....
Seeing... Sunshine for a few more minutes before the black clouds roll in. 
Hearing...  The birds in the trees outside.
Smelling... Homemade Pizza for lunch....
Tasting... and eating it too!
Needing... SLEEP! 
Wanting...  To curl up with a good book.
Regretting...  That I have to go work the closing shift tonight. Again. 
Feeling... Tired.
Wishing...  That my last day of work wasn't over a week away. Nine days left to be exact, not that I'm counting.
Thinking... Maybe I should have a cup of tea... or coffee. Caffeine is sounding really good right now.  
Laughing... At my incredibly funny brother, everything is waaay more humorous when your tired. 
Recovering... From working until almost midnight last night.
Believing... It's going to rain again this afternoon, probably a thunder storm. Summer is coming!!
Anticipating... Our 2014 production with our theater group. 
Dreaming... About a sewing room! 
Reading... Some lovely blogs that I follow and 

Singing... Does having Happy stuck in your head count as singing? Am I the only one who thinks that song gets old really fast?
Wearing... My barn grubbies. 
Preparing... To teach my first theater classes next week. Yikes. 
Trying... To get lesson plans finished for the classes. 

Praying... That everything go smoothly and that I'll be able to teach these students something new. 
Questioning... My sanity. 
Loving... My camera and my new computer!
Googling... How to get rid of the musty smell in a basement. 
Choosing... To go for a run and see about shaking some of the cobwebs out of my head. 
Working... On final edits for the script I just finished. I love being a director :)
Emailing... Families of my students with class details.
Sewing... quilts!
Texting... Nobody at the moment and since my phone bit the dust probably nobody for a while yet. 
Cracking... My ankle. Not a good idea, but it's a bad habit. 
Considering...  Ideas for future blog posts. 
Turning... Spotify on. I will probably never use Pandora radio again. 
Biting... Pizza crust. *Sigh* I love lunch time. 
Reducing... Clutter! I just found my desk again. 
Suffering... From sleep deprivation. Having to work until midnight more than four nights in a row is for the birds.
Checking... The weather. Yup, it's definitely going to rain. 
Organizing... My class, things for the play, my sewing supplies, basically everything but my room... Hmm maybe I should move that up on my priority list. 
Practicing... Teaching my class to my horse and my cat. Hopefully my students appreciate it more than they did. Ungrateful animals. 
Reckoning... I'd better get some more of the things on my to-do list accomplished. 
Smiling... Because it's another beautiful day and I have so much to be thankful for!

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